Highlights of the School Year

This year was honestly not that exiting. We have done some fun things like the Rapunzel play, haunted house, mask performance, and making the drums in First Nations. 

One thing that sure has been exiting is preparing for high school. Picking our classes, meeting with the principal, and visiting the school has been very exiting. I can hardly wait!

Another thing that has been pretty fun was making the drums in First Nations. We got to stretch the hide, tie it, and then when it dried we got to paint a design on it! My design was a two headed thunder bird.

The last thing that I thought was fun this year was the Rapunzel play we did with Missoula Childrens Theatre. Everyone got a part and we practiced almost everyday for one week, on Saturday and Sunday we had two performances. I was a Corn, a spy for Madam Gothel along with Emily and Justin.

This year has been okay for my last year at this school, but its not over yet!


My Persuasive Write- Should Students be Held Back in School?

I believe that students shouldn’t be held back in school because people who struggle in a subject or grade might start to act out, also failing may affect their future, and lastly if someone has a learning disability they will have a harder time passing. Imagine being at your graduating ceremony and not being able to graduate because you failed a subject or class, wouldn’t that be devastating? In this write I will tell you why kids shouldn’t be held back in school.

One reason why kids shouldn’t be held back is getting held back or failing can cause them to act out or drop out of school. In the U.S 8,300 kids drop out every day. When a child or a teenager falls through they could get mad at themselves leading to self-harm. They also might show their anger by bullying other people. After failing a few times, some people might not even try to pass and just fail over and over again. It would just go downhill after that. Being held back would feel horrible, so let’s stop those feelings from showing.

Another reason why kids shouldn’t be held back is because failing will affect their future. When you fail a class or grade it goes on your record and then when you get interviewed for a job the employer will see it. That person may not want you to work for them if you have failed.

My last reason why kids shouldn’t be held back is because someone might have a learning disability and they might not even know it. If somebody has problems reading out loud, doing a simple math problem, or is just struggling in school in general they could have a learning disability. Their grades would slip after that, they would keep failing over again. Instead problems should be taken into care and given extra help with whatever they are struggling with.

In conclusion, I think that kids shouldn’t be held back in school because they might start to act out, failing will affect their future, and because they might have a learning disability. Do you think that failing helps kids with their learning?


Salmon Dream Team!

Every Year, our school gets some salmon eggs that we are responsible for. We make sure the temperature is good, we feed them, we clean the tank, and when the time is right we release them! The team that takes care of the fish is called the salmon dream team.

Exiting enough, this year I am proud to be part of that team along with my friends Niall, Silkence, Mia, and Justin. This years team works really well together. 

So far, the team and I have helped the fish survive for about a month. Now they have lost their lunchboxes and are fry. We got 100 eggs and about 8 have died. Thats mostly because at one point the tank was really dirty and that caused the fish to get sick. After we saw how dirty it was Justin and I cleaned it. We didn’t have much time so the tank was still a little algae-y but it was just recently cleaned again. This time Perfectly!

Since they are at the fry stage they are nearly ready to be released! That is why next Monday, the entire school is going to help release them into the local salmon creek. Hopefully, in the next few years the salmon will come back as adults to spawn.

Opinion Piece

One reason why we should draw more often in class is because it exercises our imagination. If we were feeling really down or bored if we draw it would help.

Another reason why we should draw more is because it develops our hand-to-eye coordination which is a very useful skill in life.

My last reason is because it entertains us because it lets us create anything we want.

I hope you enjoyed these reasons!

5 Paragraph Essay

When I grow up I would like to be an astronomer because it pays well, it is amazingly interesting, and I want to find out more about space. For example there are two black holes in our galaxy and one is one million miles long!

My first reason why I want to be a astronomer is because it pays really well. If I was a astronomer I think I would get at least get 50-110$ an hour but it totally depends on where I work and how I work.

My second reason why I want to be an astronomer is because astronomy is really interesting! Just imagine what could be up there right now: black holes, super novas, new planets to explore, and maybe even aliens! (just kidding)

My final reason why I want to be an astronomer is because I want to learn more about space like does space go on FOREVER? why don’t black holes suck up everything? one day I hope to answer those questions.

I think astronomy is the coolest job ever and I hope to get a job either the same or almost the same. I hope you enjoyed these questions!

Science Fair

Today was the A.J Elliot science fair. Not a good day for me because I don’t really like science that much. For my science fair I  did chemical and physical changes in the environment. I couldn’t really do a environment experiment though, so I just used household items like baking soda, vinegar, milk, yeast and water.

The difference between a chemical change and a physical change is simple: In a chemical change the substance that is used changes into something totally different and has one or more property’s, and in a physical change the substance looks different from the appearance but is the same inside.

Before we had to get judged I was really scared because for one thing my backboard layout was out of whack and I didn’t even have definitions. Before you knew it, it was over in a flash. But then came the hard part. sitting by your project and telling the community who came by about your project. Luckily, my family and friends were there to support me. There were all lot of projects to look at too! One of my favorites was Dante’s. It was about how coffee, tea, and Coca Cola stained your teeth.

Eventually I ended up getting a participant ribbon but that’s ok because I wasn’t hoping for anything too special. This years science fair was pretty awesome I would say!       

My Learning


Lots of things in school aren’t very interesting but you still have to learn them. My favorite subject is P.E because we get to play games and get exercise which is very important in life.

If you think about it you are at school for most of your life learning how to read,  write, and to use your brain properly. When you learn something it is hard to forget what you just learned.

I think I need a bit more help in math because I cant always understand what I am learning in math.

Anyways more about me, One of my strengths is art, I have been doing art my whole life and drawing always makes me happy. However, we don’t get to do art in class very often because it is off task. Friday is one of my favorite days. we nicknamed it fine arts Friday because we always spend the afternoon doing art, and if we don’t have a specific art project we just get to draw or doodle anything.

I also love writing because we get to imagine anything in the world and write about it. We also get to use words like fantastical or amazing. I write a lot because I write lots of letters to friends and family. I also text daily.

I love school. I would be bored out of my mind if there was no school. I also wouldn’t know very much. Overall school is very important and fun. But I cant imagine what it would be like in grade 12. guess I will have to wait and see!

Salmon Eggs

Today was the day that we got our salmon eggs. We keep them in a large tank with pink foam around it. The foam is there because when the eggs are in the wild they like to be in the shade, if the tank had lots of light it could kill the eggs.

All of the salmon eggs are eyed. When the salmon are eyed it means they are in stage two. There are six stages: Egg, Eyed, Alevin, Fry, Smolt, and Adult. The next stage is Alevin. Alevin is my favorite stage because they have cute little yolk sacks on there bellies.

After the person came in and told us a bit about salmon we dropped two little eggs into the tank. When that was over we had to go to the computer lab and do a blog post about what happened but halfway through it we had to save our work and go back because it was time to watch the dissection. It was a little disturbing at first because the fish had a bunch of slime and it looked like snot. We also had little plates to put all of the insides on. I could tell the salmon was a male because it had a hooked nose, it was bright red, and it had two milt sacks. If it was a girl it would have ovaries and it wouldn’t be so brightly coloured and it wouldn’t have a hooked nose.

I learned a lot about salmon today, like the fact that salmon have little internal ears that float around in their head. I am really glad that we got to do this and learn about it. I cant wait until next year when we do this again!

This Summer…

This summer I am doing a thousand new things with my dad and without like kayaking around the island, jogging the beautiful bay trail, hanging with my friends, Going to tween center, swimming in big lake or my grandpa’s pool, and just chillin at my house.

When I kayak around the island with my dad we are going to camp around on the beaches at night. We also are going to catch fish to cook on the beach. Hopefully it wont take up all of my summer! Because I still would have many things on my agenda. Since  I have my own kayak I wont have to share one with my dad. But it might be very tiring for me.

Big lake is practically the only lake good enough to swim in on the island. But it is a really warm lake. Teenagers even put two rafts in the middle of the lake. The funny thing about Big lake is that its really warm at the top, but at the bottom it is super chilly.

This summer is going to be awesome!


Softball Tournament

Last week my class went to a softball tournament in fort Rupert. Lots of other schools came too like Sunset, FRES, gwasala naukwata, and eagle view. It was super awesome. Me and Sophie were on the same team. We were the Orcas. Hope, Lexi, and Lily were also on the Orcas. I met so many people from camp Homewood there. My first game was at 10:30, so I had a long wait. In the mean time I hung out in the park with some friends. When it was finally time to play I started to love it more and more. In the first game, on my first pitch, I hit it. Far. Then I was running. I couldn’t believe it. I hit it on my first try and made it! Softball is super fun. I love it and I will definitely go next time!